Disability Rights and The ADA being dismantled, now?

Why is the mainstream media completely ignoring important legislation that is on the horizon and winding it’s way through our so called halls of justice, making it’s way to becoming a law?  Have you heard of House Bill 620, H.B. 620, The ADA Education and Reform Act?  No you say, I am not surprised since there are great lengths being taken to suppress any information on this bill, except some random posts or information shared on social media from the ACLU, American’s Civil Liberties Union.  So I am here to pass this information along and advocate for more people to put their voices and minds behind what could be one of the most destructive human rights legislation of this 21st Century.  Now I say most destructive because Disabled People comprise the largest group of marginalized people in the United States, and the world. 

So let’s get down to the brass tacks of H.B. 620, The ADA Education and Reform Act and I will preface this with a link to the ACLU website information post, where I became educated in this alarming piece of political thuggery aimed at usurping the core tenants of the ADA/ Americans with Disabilities Act, by dismantling the “Reasonable Accommodation,” process and this undermines a disabled persons’ right to accessibility in School, Government Facilities, Employment, Housing, and Businesses by literally crippling any disabled persons right to make a reasonable accommodation request and creating a prohibitive process that will put Disabled People back over 50 years.

As an example.  Say you are in a wheelchair and you cannot enter a building due to stairs only.  If you wished to ask for a business to put in a ramp, you would need to provide architectural plans and building schematics, along with a contractors estimate of materials and cost to retrofit a ramp to allow disabled people to access the building; this process would cost thousands of dollars$$$ making reasonable accommodations and access unattainable for people and the greater population of those of low income, which this bill targets. In education, disabled students would no longer have access to assistive technology and ramps and bathroom stalls for the disabled would no longer be made available.  I find the timing of George H.W. Bushs’ passing to be significant, since he penned the Americans with Disabilities Act into Law in July 26, 1990, a great day.  I wonder if he knew about this assault on the ADA, what would he think. This was one of the great things H.W. Bush did for the American people and those with disabilities.

PROHIBITIVE:  In context to law, making a process so difficult or expensive that it would be difficult or impossible to attain; especially to those unable to engage in the process due to income barriers.  This is what is called in legal terms, “Constructive Denial of Accessibility or Accommodations.”

pro·hib·i·tive/prəˈhibədiv,prōˈhibədiv/adjectiveadjective: prohibitive

  1. 1. (especially of a law or rule) forbidding or restricting something.”prohibitive legislation”synonyms:proscriptive, prohibitory, restrictive, repressive “prohibitive regulations”
    • (of a condition or situation) preventing someone from doing something.”a wind over force 5 is prohibitive”
  2. 2. (of a price or charge) excessively high; difficult or impossible to pay.”the costs involved were prohibitive”synonyms:exorbitant, excessively high, sky-high, overinflated; Moreout of the question, beyond one’s means; extortionate, unreasonable; informalsteep, criminal “prohibitive costs”





 This bill is nothing short of denying disabled people from equitable inclusion in society, education, housing and employment.

In closing…just imagine, or get your mind around this…If the world was accessibility friendly and disability accommodated, that would mean it would be “Ease of Use,” for every person, at every age.  Remember, at some point in your life you will be disabled, e.g. age related disabilities, and even you may not identify as having a disability, because of the prejudice and stigmas still prevalent….,wouldn’t you want to be able access and move through the world like other people and not be barred or denied access because of your disability or that you are different?  Think about that and your comments and support are welcomed!

PLEASE!!! Write, call, email your Senators to no support House Bill 620 – H.B. 620, The ADA Education and Reform Act.

Thank you!

T-shirts In the Wind

             I remember it was a bright and sunny day, not really hot,but a cool breeze danced across the campus, breezes make me smile.   I usually did not take this route, but today I was enjoying the beautiful weather, and I had to go across campus.  My knees hurt, I stopped, and as I looked around I saw the walk-way by the performing arts center and it was lined with different colored t-shirts swaying in the breeze, so I kept going…I was curious.  I had never had the time to attend any event on campus because by the time I get home, I am exhausted, so this was a nice opportunity.  As I got closer I saw that the t-shirts had writings and pictures on them, and now I could read the words… “I saw my sister, she was killed by her boyfriend, why, I miss you, why didn’t you leave?”, I couldn’t help but cry, thinking of my own sisters and the lives in these messages.  The more I read the messages from cases of rape, child molestation, murder, and domestic violence, it struck me…The t-shirts were like Tibetan Prayer Flags, and as they flapped the breeze, the messages were carried to heaven, to the loved ones that were lost, and to God, with one simple question over and over again…WHY?  I was struck by the simplicity of the exhibit,a t-shirt is something we wear every day, and this served to remind us that these people and violence are around us every day, as well.  None of the pictures or writings was of great artist skill, but the words, and emotions expressed were more moving and precious than any work of art, in any museum. I thought how fitting that the breeze would be moving the t-shirts back and forth, as if to comfort us and with the Sun shining so brightly, as if God was answering their questions, soothing their souls, and whose only reply could be…”I am sorry, I don’t know, but I give the Sun to shine on the messages for others to read, and maybe they can find the answers…. Love…God.”